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Abdul Barakat - Former members

  • Cecile Gouget. PhD student, 2011-2014.
  • Jowell Cheng. Graduate Researcher, 2014.
  • Jaclyn Brennan. Whitaker International Fellow, 2012-2013.
  • Zach Sternberger. Master's student, 2012-2013. Currently PhD student at Caltech, USA.
  • Elaine Su. Whitaker International Fellow, 2012-2013. Currently PhD student at UC Berkeley, USA.
  • Maria Isabella Gariboldi. Stagiaire, 2013. Undergraduate researcher, 2013. Currently undergraduate student at MIT, USA.
  • Mrugank Bhatt. Undergraduate researcher, 2013. Currently undergraduate student at IIT Kharagpur, India.
  • Laureen Dusatoir. Undergraduate researcher, 2013.
  • Pauline Loyer. Master's student, 2013.
  • Christian Bozsak. Graduate researcher, 2012. Currently in Medical School, Technical University of Munich, Germany.
  • Yongyun Hwang. Postdoctoral fellow, 2011-2012. Currently Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, DAMTP, University of Cambridge, UK.
  • Witold Krasny. Graduate researcher, 2012.
  • Kun Cheng. Undergraduate researcher, 2012.
  • Thuan-Beng Saw. Undergraduate researcher, 2012. Currently graduate student at NUS, Singapore.
  • Saurav Sharan. Undergraduate researcher, 2012.
  • Pierre Bauër. Master's student, 2012. Currently PhD student at PMMH laboratory, ESPCI.
  • Cécile della Valle. Undergraduate researcher, 2012.
  • Guillermo Vilaplana. Master's student, 2011. Currently Project Manager for Solar Impulse, Air Liquide Advanced Technologies.
  • Praveen Kumar. Undergraduate researcher, 2011. Currently graduate student at the Dept. of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, University of Minnesota, USA.

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