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Abdul Barakat - Research Topics

  • Endothelial cell mechanosensing and mechanotransduction

    This research project is devoted to understanding how mechanical force is transmitted through intracellular structures (cytoskeleton) and how the intracellular biochemical signal elicited mechanically can be efficiently modified. More

  • Fluid-dynamically inspired stent design

    This research project investigates novel stent designs for the treatement of atherosclerosis. The goal is to develop drug-eluting stents that allow for re-endothelialization while effectively prevent re-stenosis. More

  • Interactions between immune cells and endotheliumJ. Husson

    An increasing body of evidence suggests that the immune system actively participates in the initiation, progression and persistence of atherosclerosis. Much conjecture exists about how monocytes are recruited specifically to the sites of perturbed flow. Here we study the influence of shear stress on the adhesion between immune cells and the endothelium. More

  • Nanoparticle-based drug delivery

    A particularly promising idea to treat atherosclerosis is the use of nanoparticles as cargo vehicles for targeted delivery of anti-inflammatory agents. We aim to understand interactions of nanoparticles with cellular surfaces, and how flow modulates these interactions. More